This is us...
  Hi -- we're grantdale.

Below: That's Grant on the left and Dale on the right.  We are floating around Halong Bay heading toward Catba Island on a chilly Winter's day.  It can take some time to explain a digital camera to Vietnamese fishermen.


We live in Melbourne, Australia, and have been together 14 years.  Dale works as an Area Manager for a large disability services organisation, with about 100 clients and 100 staff across the southern suburbs of Melbourne.  He's a teacher by qualification so, naturally, his spelling is appalling.  Grant works as a, urgh, ummm, exactly what Grant works as is a mystery. He says "Just write Management Consultant -- that covers the multitude of sins."  He's a chemical engineer with an MBA, if that helps.

We enjoy travelling on very long holidays together -- particularly South-East Asia -- and, when at home in Australia, enjoy providing free child-minding services to our family and friends.


Below: Here we are in the middle of a glorious sunset on the Oodnadatta Track, just outside Marla.  Forget all the nonsense about crocodiles, this is what Australians mean by the Outback.  As you can see, it's rather flat. And red.


Below: And 15 minutes later after a "gibber" flew up from the road and took the corner off Bert's sump...

As the wait could have been a long one, we pulled out the necessities and set out a late afternoon tea.  Happily, a (singular) 4WD drove past about an hour later to find us looking completely unconcerned; enjoying plunger coffee and gin and tonics while watching the sunset and listening to the grasshoppers whirring about.

When we said "camping trip", we didn't intend to sound completely uncivilised -- heck, we even had dried lemon slices for the G&Ts!  (And, we hasten to add, enough supplies to last a week out there. Oh, and a wok.)

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